Available Positions

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-11-38-11-amResearch opportunities

  • Lab research assistants
  • Spring & Summer 2017
  • Diverse field and lab experience studying insect biology and ecology
  • Interested applicants, please contact Dr. Nicole Benda (nbenda@ufl.edu)





Graduate Research Assistant: Insect ecology in urban landscapes

I am currently seeking a highly motivated, creative, and independent individual to pursue a doctoral graduate research project investigating alternative functional habitats in urban landscapes. This project will build on a current project exploring the effects of converting managed turfgrass on golf courses to wildflower habitats. The project will involve aspects of biological control, conservation, horticulture, urban ecology, and has the potential to expand in multiple directions.

Desired start date: Fall 2017


  • Master’s degree in a related field

Preferred background:

  • Insect ecology
  • Urban ecology
  • Biological control
  • Horticulture

Interested students please contact Dr. Adam Dale at agdale@ufl.edu.