Diversity drives ingenuity and better science. The Dale Lab fully supports equality, diversity and inclusion, and strongly opposes racism, bigotry, and discrimination. We invite students, post-docs, and staff from all races, genders, and sexual orientations to join us.

Photo by Aileen Perilla

Adam Dale

Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist                                              I am broadly interested in plant-insect interactions and using ecology to inform arthropod pest management strategies on landscape plants.

Ph: 352-273-3976
Office: 3214 Steinmetz Hall, UF Gainesville, FL

Graduate students


Matt Borden – Doctorate of Plant Medicine graduate student

I have experience in ornamental IPM, especially in landscapes and greenhouses of public gardens. I have also enjoyed some time in commercial beekeeping, and most recently worked for a Virginia Tech research station in their tree fruit pathology lab. I am excited to continue studying ornamental and turf entomology, particularly learning about woody plant protection. As an avid plantsman, I enjoy hiking, gardening, and photography of plants and insects.

James Pinkney – Master’s Student

I am interested in conservation biology and sharing my passion for science through community outreach. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, insect photography, and raising my tarantula, Peacock.

Katie Carroll – Master’s Student

I am interested in plant-insect interactions, as well as pollinator conservation. I am excited to learn more about turfgrass ecosystems. In my free time, I like to bike, hike, and fish. On rainy days, I can be found reading fantasy novels or baking.

Undergraduate students


Kelly Laplante – Research Assistant

I am beginning my third year at UF majoring in Environmental Engineering, with a minor in Soils and Water Sciences. I am very interested in delving more into the study of entomology, and gaining new experiences and skills that I can apply in the future.


Mark Wilhelm – Research Assistant

I am interested in insect biodiversity and systematics and how urban landscape management practices impact insect biodiversity. In my free time I like to read and hike.

Lab Alumni

Rebecca Perry – M.S. degree, 2020
Matthew Borden – M.S. degree, 2020
Nicole Benda – Post-doctoral Associate, 2017-2020
Ava Joy Cockey – IFAS Emerging Scholars Program Intern, 2019
Tanner Felbinger – IFAS Undergraduate Research Intern, 2017-2019
Grace Cope – University Scholars Program Intern, 2017-2019
Brianna Whitman – M.S. degree, 2018
Pablo Allen Monge – Post-doctoral Associate, 2017-18
Larissa LaForest – University Scholars Program Intern, 2017-18
Ethan Doherty – M.S. degree, 2018

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