Invasive Insect Ecology

We are interested in the ecology and management of invasive insects and their host plants. This includes direct, short-term management solutions for damaging pests, investigating biological control of invasive pests, and long-term observational studies of host-parasite interactions in novel habitats.

Recent publications:

Borden MA*, Dale AG. 2020. Native and edible ornamental plant congeners enhance ecosystem services through key pest avoidance and multifunctionality in residential landscapes. Environmental Entomology. 49(5), 1206-1213.

Dale AG, Birdsell T, Sidebottom J. 2020. Evaluating the invasive potential of an exotic scale insect associated with annual Christmas tree harvest and distribution in the southeastern U.S. Trees, Forests and People. 2, 100013.

Allen PE(¥), Laforest L(§), Diyaljee SI(§), Smith HM(§), Tran DX(§), Windor AM(§), Dale AG. 2020. Long-term changes in mole cricket body size associated with enemy-free space and a novel range. Biological Invasions. 22(2), 773-782.

Rohde BB*, Allen PE(¥), Benda N(¥), Brun A, Mankin RW, Dale AG. 2019. An acoustic trap to survey and capture two Neoscapteriscus species. Florida Entomologist. 102(3): 654-657. [PDF]

Dale AG, Borden MA*. 2018. Evaluation of reduced-risk insecticides to control chilli thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and conserve natural enemies on ornamental plants. Florida Entomologist, 101(2): 237-243.

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Banner photo taken by T. Walker.