Photo by Aileen Perilla

Adam Dale

Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist                                              I am broadly interested in plant-insect interactions and using ecology to inform arthropod pest management strategies on landscape plants.

Contact me at:                                                                                           352-273-3976                                                                           
Office: 3214 Steinmetz Hall, UF Gainesville, FL

Research Support

IMG_2536Nicole BendaBiological Scientist II/Lab Manager

I am interested in insect-plant interactions, particularly chemical ecology, host-plant use, insect behavior, and pest management.  In my free time, I love cooking, astronomy and science fiction, and to explore the world with my family.

thumbnail_james_1James Pinkney – Research Technician

I am interested in conservation biology and sharing my passion for science through community outreach. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, insect photography, and raising my tarantula, Peacock.

IMG_0381Kendall Stacey – Research Technician

I am interested in urban insect biodiversity and factors that affect biodiversity like pesticide and fertilizer-use and the abundance and diversity of plants in urban landscapes. I am passionate about science education and hope to someday teach youth and share with them my love for plants, insects, and ecology. In my free time I enjoy watching horror movies, playing beach volleyball, and photography.

Graduate students

Matt Borde10917139_10152841191868241_3413633643716494113_on – Doctorate of Plant Medicine graduate student / Entomology & Nematology M.S. student

I have experience in ornamental IPM, especially in landscapes and greenhouses of public gardens. I have also enjoyed some time in commercial beekeeping, and most recently worked for a Virginia Tech research station in their tree fruit pathology lab. I am excited to continue studying ornamental and turf entomology, particularly learning about woody plant protection. As an avid plantsman, I enjoy hiking, gardening, and photography of plants and insects.

Balwinder Balwinder Kaur – Ph.D. student (Entomology & Nematology)

I am interested in investigating biodiversity and plant- insect interactions to answer ecological questions and better manage insect pests. My current research aims to investigate the effects of increasing plant diversity on insects, natural enemies, and other ecological processes in turfgrass/ lawn ecosystems at different regional climates. Besides research, I enjoy dancing, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends.

img_6733Rebecca Perry – M.S. student (Entomology & Nematology)

I have a passion for conservation, which has interested me in the relationships between insects and plants and how their interactions affect ecosystems. In my spare time, I rear insects, particularly butterflies and moths. I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, and reading.


Undergraduate students

IMG_20190501_112351379Kelly Laplante – Research Assistant

I am beginning my third year at UF majoring in Environmental Engineering, with a minor in Soils and Water Sciences. I am very interested in delving more into the study of entomology, and gaining new experiences and skills that I can apply in the future.


IMG_4964Mark Wilhelm – Research Assistant

I am interested in insect biodiversity and systematics and how urban landscape management practices impact insect biodiversity. In my free time I like to read and hike.


Lab Alumni

Ava Joy Cockey – IFAS Emerging Scholars Program Intern, 2019
Tanner Felbinger – IFAS Undergraduate Research Intern, 2017-2019
Grace Cope – University Undergraduate Scholars Program Intern, 2017-2019
Brianna Whitman – M.S. degree, 2016-2018
Pablo Allen Monge – Post-doctoral Associate, 2017-18
Larissa LaForest – University Undergraduate Scholars Program Intern, 2017-18
Ethan Doherty – M.S. degree, 2016-18

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